Sunday, April 5, 2009

What should I talk about first?????

Happy Sunday everyone!!! It's beautiful here today...but of course I am inside cleaning, decorating, and crafting. I've done a little rearranging since I posted pictures last time, but not too much to have to go back and show all of you.

First, let me show the drysink/washstand that I am using as a television stand at the moment. This thing should have probably been used as firewood with the way it looked when I got it! It had no hardware, one roller on the leg, soooooo much water damage, missing wood in the drawer and the back, and smelled of musty and moldy grossness. I took it to my dad to see what we could do with it...and he looked at me like I was nuts wanting to do anything but threw it away!! As he always does, my dad worked his magic!!!! He replaced wood, sanded, painted, stained, and put on new hardware (my mom picked out the hardware). The paint color is called Brownstone by Olde Century Colors. I got the paint marked down cheap and figured I would use it eventually!! I think it turned out great and am extremely happy with it!!! What do you think?

Do you want to see my new cupboard that I purchased??? I love, love, love this piece!!!!! To me, words can not describe this is just too gorgeous! See the drawer at the bottom???? It's made out of an old cheesebox!!!!

Okay, just wanted to show this...not sure if it will stay like this for very long or not! But, do you see my new lover's knot tiers in the background? I purchased them at 50% off because the store owner said the company will not be making them in tab tops anymore!!!

Well, if you are a reader of my may already know that I love canning jars!! I purchased these beauties a while back and never showed them. I got really good deals on them at a flea market. I know the pictures are a little blurry and it's a little hard to tell the colors. The first set is a periwinkle blue color. The next set is a dark amber. And, the third set is red!!! I'm saving up to purchase a green set and an amethyst set...but those are probably going to cost me more than all these sets combined!!!

Time for my new obsession...Judy Condon books!!!!! Oh my!!! If you haven't looked at or seen her books, then you need to check them out! So many primitive display ideas...I drool with every page I look at!!!

Alright, that is all I have for you today! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!