Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Have No Fear...I'm Still Here!!!!

As I have posted in a couple of my previous has been completely crazy for me lately. My apartment looks like a tornado has gone through it, my crafts are sitting there staring at me yelling "come on us", my friends are wondering where I have been, and I feel like I might as well have slept at work for the past few weeks. But, on a good schedule is finally slowing down!! I managed to completely empty out the bathroom (yes, I realize it is the smallest room in my apartment), scrub down the walls, bleach the bathtub, sterilize the toilet, mop the floors, wash the shower curtain and rugs, and even melt my arm on to the light bulb getting the cobweb in the corner. It's a start, and my goal is to hit the kitchen and dining room this weekend...since I finally have an entire weekend off!!!!

Fall is my favorite season of all, but it is also my busiest since I have to cover football games (average of at least 3 games a week), volleyball games (3 to 6 games a week, soccer games (2 to 4 games a week), and then all the practices in between!! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my job and wouldn't change my choice of careers! Sometimes though, I wish I had a little more me time to enjoy all the wonderful colors, smells, etc. that the autumn season has to offer! I am hoping to go to a few bonfires, go on a hayride, pick pumpkins, and maybe go to a haunted house this year...I miss all those things and want to enjoy them again!!

I have been doing something for me though. I have decided to start taking better care of myself. I have been watching what I have been eating, started exercising (I ran a mile the other day...I haven't really exercised in about 10 years!!!), and for those of you that didn't know...I have decided to try and quit smoking (I have been smoking since I was 17, and 28 is just around the corner)!! The numbers on the scale haven't changed too much, but I had to go buy new underwear the other day because all of mine were literally falling off me!! Everyone at work tells me how good I look, but I guess I only see a little change because I see myself in the mirror all the time. I trust that I will reach all my goals, however it is maintaining that is going to be the hard part!

My crafts? Well, I really need to get my butt in gear on these!!! Salt Creek Mercantile's Christmas Open House is the first week in November...and I am really slacking!!! I also need to make some things for people at the school and as gifts for the holidays. Ugh...I am so burnt out right now on everything that I haven't even decorated my apartment for fall, so the thought of Christmas is bumming me out!!!

Anyway, I hope my post wasn't too depressing for all of you. If it was, just think about my underwear falling down at the most inoppurtune times...that should make you laugh!! Have a wonderful rest of your week everyone!!!!


Leslie said...


You have been very busy! It will all pay off and you will have time to relax before long...then you'll be "bored"

Ouch on the lightbulb. I hate when stuff like that happens!

Congrats on the excercising. I gave up on watching the scale because it always says I weigh the same but others comment and I notice my clothes fit differently. What does that dang scale know anyway? LOL

Good luck on quitting smoking! I never started so I don't always understand how hard it is to quit. I just know that most of Jeremy's family has stopped and they all have nothing but good things to say and wished they had done it sooner. Jeremy's dad smoked for 40 years! Yes! He said that he feels better than ever! He tried and tried and tried but it took a scare to knock some sense into him.

Good luck with everything :)


JenW!~ said...

ljxdWow you sure sound busy. Good luck with your eating habbits and quitting smoking. I spent al day Monday doing the smae thing with my kitchen. I am working on one room at a time.

simple~needs said...

i quit watching the scales. as long as you feel good, thats what matters. :)
i am glad to hear you are going to try and quit smoking, thats a good thing!!
i remember those kind of work days, 12 hour days/6 days a week. its a killer i tell ya!!
take care of you first and the rest will fall in place. hugs, kim

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Good for you! Glad to see you are doing okay! Don't over do it though alright? :)

Back in the Day said...

Wow! You are always so busy! And now to add excercising to the mix! Jeez! You are making me tired!

Dawn said...

Tiffany, where are you. I miss seeing your projects! Dawn

Cindy B said...

what adorable things!!( love the tree!) ...the open house will be wishes! cindy of Illinois