Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm so excited...Look what I got in my email box!!!

Last night, when I got home from work...I was so excited to get an email from the shop owner that I sold my vegetables to a couple months ago. She sent me pictures of how she is displaying them in her store!

I want her to come decorate my apartment! Well, that is all I have for today...hope everyone has a great day!


Gettysburg Homestead said...

Kim's store looks awesome!!!!

JenW!~ said...

Great job on the veggies. The store looks great. Where is it located? I'd love to visit it.

Black Sheep Lisa said...

that is awesome! And i love all your creations!

This Country Girl said...

What a beautiful display and a great job on the vegetables! They look SO realistic! Don't you love it when you can see how your work is hanging or displayed in someone else's home?

Have a great day!


simple~needs said...

that looks awesome!!
hey, i want her to decorate for me too!
i love your veggies!!
and you are going to sell on gettysburg homestead, right???!!

Heather's Stitches said...


I love those potatoes, they look so real!

Take Care,

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Just wonderful Tiffany! You are extremley good at what you do:) They all look so real and displayed so nicely, great of her to take the time to email the pics to you:)

Kindra said...

Those veggies look awesome! Can't wait to see your prims up for sale on the net!

primsandtiques said...

Kim, those veggies are AWEOSME! I have had a terrible time trying to get the right color for my tomatoes! And the shop looks GREAT how she displayed your veggies! Congrats..hope you have much success in selling them there!

Leslie said...

That just looks wonderful! Your vegetables look great and she displayed them in such a nice way!

Back in the Day said...

The veggies are amazing! She did a great job displaying them too!