Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Waiting Until Wednesday

Since I have decided to wait until tomorrow to show the stuff I have been working on for "Whatcha workin' on Wednesday", I have decided to show you a few of my previous creations. My topic today...Prim Wreaths!!!

This is a spring wreath I designed for a shop owner. She wanted a wreath for the spring, and we were discussing doing daisies up the side. Then, I remembered Karen from RKCreations had a pattern for the watering can and a pattern for gardening tools. Of course, I had to add my touch to when I made they became much more grungy and dirty!! The shop owner just loved it and was debating on selling it in her store or just taking it home!!!

I posted pictures of this wreath on a forum to get some feedback...and guess what I found??? Someone took my idea, made one of their own, and sold it on ebay...guess I come up with good ideas!!! I just wish next time someone would ask if they could use my ideas or at least say they were inspired by me!! But, since I didn't have it copyrighted...I can't really complain.

This is my Christmas wreath. I was inspired by a TRP wreath, but thought I could make this one on my own without a pattern. This was one of the first creations that I ever did. I love it...though I'm sure I could add some more to it. But, I just wanted it simple. I hang it with a wood sign that says "We Believe in Santa"!

I guess, you will have to wait until tomorrow to see what I have been working on! Hope you all enjoyed looking at some of my previous creations! Happy Tuesday!!!!!


Heather's Stitches said...

I adore that first wreath!

If you make some more up like that please let me know, although you said it was a past wreath.

Have a great Tues.

Wendy said...

I love your wreaths!!! You are very talented!!! Great job!!~Wendy

Dawn said...

Tiffany, are you telling me that the watering can and tools are made of fabric!! Unreal! You are so talented! I love that, Dawn

Tiffany said...


The watering can is made of muslin, stuffing, quilt batting, and a few pieces of cardboard. Then painted and grunged.

The tools are made of muslin, stuffing, and quilt batting. Again, they are painted and grunged.

Remember (not that I am bragging...just haven't worked with the sewing machine yet), I sew everything by hand! So, it just proves that you make things without knowing how to use the sewing machine!!

JenW!~ said...

Hello from a fellow Ohioan. Love that spring wreath. Ilove seeing what others create.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tiffany for the Congrats!!
LOL!!! Who knew!! I love your blog and would love to exchange links!!
Many Blessings.......
Lori Hull

Kindra said...

Great prim wreaths!! I have never seen anything like it! You need to sell those...either ebay, etsy or Mary's site! VERY CUTE!

Prim Lover/Farmgirl Dreamer said...

OMG your wreaths are beautiful! If you make anymore let me know for sure!

simple~needs said...

you did a great job on both of them!! i know its hard when folks kinda use your ideas but my grandma
told me one time to take it as a compliment.
i think it would look cool if you did a screcrow aand snowman head. maybe make it interchangeable?? just an idea i thought of when i looked at the santa. :)


Tiffany said...

Kim...I'm working on a Scarecrow Head one right now! Hope to have it done by next weekend!! I was also planning on doing a snowman head one for winter this year too!!!

Raggedy Angel said...

Great Job! Just think what you on a sewing is like everything else, just play til you get it right!Are you gonna try etsy? Beth