Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I hate when it runs out!!!

Yesterday, I was sewing and sewing and sewing...and then when I went to stuff everything I ran out of stuffing!!!! Does that ever happen to you? Normally, I don't have that problem because I keep a close eye on the amount I have and purchase another box when I get halfway low. Well, need less to say, I couldn't get to the store until today to get no new projects finished to post pictures of today. I have to cook dinner and then I am off to work on my other dolls. Hmmmmm...maybe I will have something done for tomorrow!!!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!!


Andrea said...

Yes, I hate it too. I just sewed up a bunch of stuff today that I need to stuff, and I think I am going to definitely run out of stuffing. I can't easily go anywhere to get some during the week, so will have to try and get some more on the weekend. I also hate it when I run out of muslin, and I really am wanting to make something.


Dawn said...

Tiffany thanks for the site. Im not to great with the machine, better with the hand stitch, but I love the look of those ugly pumpkins!! She has cute stuff, thanks Dawn

Leslie said...

I think I always run out of something....just need a bit more paint, a bit more thread, a bit more fabric. How annoying! If I'm really antsy to get a project done then, I head to the store but most times I end up waiting.

Hope you get more stuffing today and get your sewing done :)

Have a great day!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Have you tried rag stuffing? I do that instead of purchasing the regular stuffing, just a thought for you:)
Have a great day,


Yes, I hate it too. Just won't to run out and pick it up. I live 30 miles from the nearest Walmart and now days I have to really think twice before I make a run.