Monday, July 14, 2008

Not much to say on this Monday

This weekend, I managed to get pictures of how I decorated my mom's living room area while I was on vacation. She always buys, finds, gets, etc. the neatest things but doesn't ever know how to use them to decorate. So, here is what I managed to come up with for her:

I've been working on some of my fall items and finally got pictures of the leaves I have been making. They are inspired by an RKCreations pattern. I found 4 different leaf shapes that I liked, and my boyfriend drew me up patterns!

I'll write a longer post when I have a little more free time!!!


simple~needs said...

i love the p-ics!! i need someone to come decorate for me!! i get decorators block sometimes. i have lots of goodies( probably too many) but i never know exactly how to pull them together. i so want to do someting different on my TV armoire.
great leaves ya got there!! you did a super job!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Your mom has some great prim goodies, and you did a great job of placing them.
Love those leaves too!


Heather Graves said...

WOW, Hi!!

I stumbled upon your Blog today, I live in Lancaster OH!

You have an eye for decorating, I buy things and stress on how they will look if I hang them on my walls..LOL...I have tons of pics just in my table in my room ready to hang...guess I better get over it...LOL

Have a Great Day,

pinetrees on the moor said...

Hi, i discovered your blog through rondell. at tomatoe creek prims.I love what you did for your mum,is Scotland United kingdom to far to come and help me with all my my prim friend and i say we like rusty,old wooden items teadyed they have a look of horror on their face it is so funny.I will keep checking on your blog.I am still new to this blog land.Take care ~Kate~

Leslie said...

Stop! Seriously, you're making me drool! LOL I love all the photos and the great finds you got!

What are you going to sew with all of your fabric?

Have a great day!