Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Whatcha' Workin' on Wednesday

According to my SIL, I am supposed to participate in My Country Home's whatcha' workin' on Wednesday. So, for the past week I have been working diligently on some of my fall items. I am making some Halloween dolls, fall leaves, pumpkins, etc.

Here are some of the pumpkins I have been working on. They were made using a pattern from Tickled Primitives (pattern designer right here in Ohio). They are called "Ugly Punkins". Unfortunately, the pictures aren't that good. These pumpkins were actually made back in January...but the new ones I made haven't had pictures taken of them yet.

For my first time ever, I made potato salad!! It is chilling in the fridge as I type this. I had a 5 lb. bag of potatoes that I had to use or I was going to have to throw them away. I asked my mom if she had a simple recipe for potato salad, and just like she always manages to do...she came up with one. Here's the recipe if any of you want to try it:

Potato Salad

5 lb. bag of potatoes
1 dozen eggs
2 cups mayonaise
2 cups sweet relish
1 T. prepared mustard
Salt and pepper to taste

First, boil your potatoes (I did this with the skins on because it was quicker to get them off once boiled). Drain potatoes and let cool. While potatoes are cooling, boil eggs. In a large bowl, dice potatoes and eggs. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix together. Cover and place in the fridge to chill until ready to eat!!!

Have a wonderful rest of this Wednesday!!!!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hey, thanks for that potatoe salad recipe, we have company coming from Vermont the 1st week of August and I think I'll give it a try:)
I can't believe you do all the pumpkins by hand, such great work:)


Gettysburg Homestead said...

Of course you know I like them!!!

Leslie said...

Hi, Tiffany! :) You may remember me from P-M?

I'm the one with "Whatcha Working on Wednesday" on my blog!!) I just was blog surfing and found you. It's really odd because I just thought of you this morning...your veggies that you make! I see you're still making them and they are so great! Wonderful!

Love the photos of your house, too! Great work.

Have a great day!

Wendy said...

I love your pumpkins!! They are too adorable! I wish I could sew!
And I just made potatoe salad the other day, such a good thing in the summer!! Take care!~Wendy

Elise said...

Cute pumpkins!! And that potato salad sounds like my mom's which is the best in the world!!
Came here from your SIL and My Country Home.

This simple Life said...

Goodness, did you have to rent a u-haul to get that stuff home?

I love canning jars too, just picked up two unusual ones today.

Don't worry about my pea pods , do them as you can and give me a holler when they are done.

simple~needs said...

i love those pumpkins!!!!
tiffany, here is a link for a free gooseberry patch cookbook.

i am going to ad you to my faves.

Raggedy Angel said...

I love your pumpkins!
I just found her website and was so disapointed that she did not have epatterns. I am not good at waiting,but I may go back and get it anyway!