Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sizzling Saturday

It is not even noon here and it is already a scorcher (it's supposed to be in the mid 90s today)!!! I have finally been able to sit down and work on a few of my fall crafts...but no pictures until I am finally done with some of the stuff!

Since it is so warm here today, I thought I would post pictures of a few things that warm my heart!!! Of course, I mean my fur-babies!!!

These are my two cats. The longer haired one is Bubba and the shorter haired one is Fuzzy! They are from the same that means they are brothers. Someone that I used to work with got them and was going to throw them outside because it was just "too much trouble to care for them and her kids". I couldn't let that happen!!! So, they came home with me!!!

They always have to be where I when I go to bed at night they are right there with me! They take up more space in the bed then I get most of the time!!!!

"Hey, did you see that?"

Can you tell that my cats are spoiled? Bubba is the king of this household!!!!

This is my Angel Belle!! She is a big baby...who happens to think she is a lap dog! I got her when I was a sophomore in high school and couldn't take her with me when I went to college. So, she now lives with my mom and dad...and is just as spoiled as any dog could be!

My parents' newest doggie addition to the their family...Cooper. He will be one year old in August. They had another dog (actually was my brother's dog, Mickey) that past away last August, and then my Aunt's dog at puppies the next day. My dad is a "sucker" and mom convinced him that Cooper needed to come home with them!!

This cute little thing is Squirt! My parents have a huge heart when it comes to animals and rescued this kitty from a horrible place. Now, she is just one of the family!!!

Check out this cutie!!! I think my parents have finally decided on a name for this little guy...Scooter! He was found under their back porch about 4 weeks after Squirt came to live with them. Of course, he was so cute that dad couldn't get rid of him!!!

My parents have two other cats that were rescues as well...Ugly (she is too cute) and Mr. Fluff! I couldn't manage to get pictures of these adorable cats! Mr. Fluff is a special case. He was a stray cat and when mom went to take him to get fixed...they got the bad news. He has feline AIDS. So, he has to take antibotics daily for his immune system! Ugly was a stray cat that had 2 litters of kittens under my parents' back porch before they adopted her!!

Try and stay cool today everyone!!!!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I loved your post Tiffany, love animals too, the kittens are so cute and I love their names.
It's hot here too but the pool is getting a work out that's for sure.


pinetrees on the moor said...

Hi Tiffany,the pictures of all the animals are great.I am like your mum and dad if theres a stray that comes in to the surgery where i work and no one wants it sure enough its on its way home to me.My friends tell me i could be rich if i didn't spend so much on my animals,but they can't imagine the joy and love they have brought me over the years, no amount of money could ever do that.Love to read your blog.~take care Kate~